The School of Education offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Elementary Education (K-6) or Early/Middle Education. The program prepares graduates to teach at the elementary (K-6) grade level and/or the middle School (5-9) grade level in one of four areas of specialization: English/Language Arts, mathematics, general science, or social studies.

(3-0-3) This course introduces students to the online world of e-commerce. The class will equip students with the skills necessary to launch a successful e-commerce venture while addressing common challenges and pitfalls. Students will be required to apply skills in a hands-on environment by completing one of the following activities: 1) developing an e-commerce application for an existing business, or 2) presenting a turn-key business of their own with a functioning website, product photos/videos, sourcing plan, shipping/fulfillment plan, and advertising plan. Students will present their e-commerce application project to a panel of faculty for grading.